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Our team

Susana, María Cecilia, Ana María, Lauro, Jaime, Ruth, Lucía, Rosalía, Lupe, Olimpia, Sandra, Fabiola, Mauricio and Juan make a commited team. You can count on us!

As a Sampere student you will benefit from the proven teaching methodology of the most prestigious Spanish School in Cuenca and one of the best places to learn Spanish in all Latin America. You're on time to attend our special courses tailored for residents and visitors alike.

With 20 years of experience in Cuenca, the school has received students from more than 50 countries in the world (de la A a la Z), and now is opened for fast and easy Spanish courses.

“I just can´t imagine how to improve my classes. I have been in three schools in Latin America and Sampere Cuenca is the best!”
— Mary Mumford (USA)

Cuenca, Ecuador's best kept secret

Both unique and typical Andean, this city close to 500 000 inhabitants is small enough to maintain traditional cultural traits long ago lost in other places (like popular festivities and traditional cooking, warm and friendly people), but large enough to offer you all the services (prime quality health facilities, good communication services, diverse means of transportation including the forthcoming "Tranvía de los Cuatro Ríos", or bike).

UNESCO in 1999 declared the Historical Center of Cuenca as Cultural Heritage of Humankind, and in 2012 the Straw Hat Handweaving Tradition as Intangible Cultural Heritage, furthermore the Qhapaq Ñan or Andean Road System was also incoporated to the World Heritage List. All of them tell us the history of our city.


High snowcapped mountains, deep green valleys, subtropical forests, warm and beatiful isolated beaches, vibrant night life, large protected areas, the deep Amazon jungle, traditional crafts and food, historical cities, large shopping malls...and the Galapagos Islands, are some of Ecuador's highlights. But more important is the people.

The Beatles tune all you need is love is changed into all you need is Ecuador, because it is true.

8 Things to Count On

1. Sampere Cuenca is part of the international Organization Estudio Sampere founded in Madrid in 1956.

2. The School was founded in Cuenca in 1995 by Alberto and Juan Manuel Sampere, and EIS, together with Gerardo Martínez.

3. Since then we have received more than six thousand students from all the regions in the world.

4. Sampere Cuenca has been recognized as the best Spanish School in Ecuador and amongst the top in Latin America and the world.

5. Students can live with a local family and develop a lifetime relationship with them. 

6. You can opt for volunteer work with homeless children and orphans, imprisioned mothers or rehab institutions.

7. Our comprehensive weekly activity program will put you in touch with local culture.

8. Individualized attention in small groups make learning Spanish easier.

Our Mission

To provide students from all over the world with a very good option to learn Spanish with individualized attention in small groups, while discovering local culture and getting involved with people in Cuenca. We maintain a volunteer program with selected humanitarian institutions.

We adhere to fair trade standards, respect the rights of our professors and pay all of our taxes.