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Volunteer Program

Volunteering is a great opportunity to interact with children, older people and people at risk. There is a very special reward when you work with people. Most of all you'll receive their friendship.

Althought Institutions are eager to receive volunteers there is no such thing as a “volunteer position”, it means that volunteers must develop their activities in direct contact with the organization and that positions vary over time, but the most important aspect is to maintain a creative attitude towards their job and to take initiatives all the time.

Due to the Ecuadorian school'ss system positions could be not available the whole year, specially those related with teaching.

Sampere Cuenca at this date offers four voluntary work positions:

  • Hogar de Niños Miguel León
  • Orfelinato de Niños Antonio Valdivieso
  • Hogar de Ancianos Miguel León
  • Fundación Nuestros Niños, centro El Nido.

There is a charge of $150 (to be added to the course price) that is given in full to the receiving institution wheter or not the volunteer completes their work.


It must be very clear that the institution that receives the students for voluntary work does not assume any obligation in relation to them nor will receive any additional compensation