Crash Course, fast spanish, cuenca residents


From Spanish conversation basics you will go on learning gender and number, the ubiquitous ser and estar, how to introduce yourself, say hola, hasta luego and adiós. Count from 1 to 100, ask ¿dónde?, ¿cuándo? ¿cómo? ¿cuánto? Speak about your proffession and interests, how to make new friends, use your free time, learn how to dance bolero and tango, ask the consierge to repair the water faucet, compare prices and quality and learn when to bargain (and when not to!). You will also learn how to cook with local recipes, and how to choose the best products. And practice in the streets. You will be ready to communicate with locals, ,make new friends and enjoy your life with confidence (depending on yourself only). In the event you need more advanced courses or a different class arrangement, feel free to contact us or browse our main website.


This is a specially tailored 4 weeks course, with two daily 45' lessons from Monday to Friday afternoon (40 classes). Two weekly romantic Latin America dance lessons are included as well as a special cooking class (and farewell dinner). Once a week classes will be taugth in the streets, at stores or markets or even in a cafeteria (You will have to order in Spanish, and we will pay for the coffee!).

Beginners and almost beginners are welcomed (if you are interested in other options, contact us).